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In the School of the Eucharist

The two of us, freshmen roommates, got to Boston Common at the crack of dawn. That’s why we were able to stake out a place

The Big Bang Power of the Eucharist

When I was younger I remember receiving Communion and not really understanding what was going on. I didn’t fully understand the miracle of the Eucharist

The Mystery of Adoration

I was 21 years old when I first experienced adoration. It was a moment I will never forget. Jesus looked at me and I looked

The Power of the Holy Hour

In a world obsessed with fictional superheroes, it’s time to meet a real one who actually had super-human power to combat evil. His name is

Jesus Is Coming To The Big Screen!

Welcome to the Jesus Thirsts film website! Discover ‘Jesus Thirsts’ – A Cinematic Journey of Faith We are so very excited to debut this website